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    My heart's desire is to see families everywhere succeed.  A child's success starts in the home. The more equipped parent's are, the better they will be at handling the challenges that come their way.  Knowledge is key, learn how to help your child succeed with the following Audio CD's and Seminars.


Upcoming FREE Seminars:   


" Why Children Struggle with Learning"

  Thursday February 4, 2016 @ 1PM and 6:30PM 


  Reading and Spelling Solutions Los Gatos

  15899 Los Gatos Almaden Rd. Ste 8


  Topics Include:


  • The Difference Between Tutoring and Brain Training

  • What Ingredients Affect Learning

  • RSVP to save your seat, limited seating available (408)356-8907


AUDIO CD's Available





Zion's Success Principles


 This Cd discusses 10 foundational success principles that have been key to a child's success. 

 What you will learn:   

  •  How to raise your children to respect and honor you 

  •  How to teach them to work hard and be responsible                                                        

  •  How to teach them to respect and treat others kindly

  •  How to help them understand that everything they do now is setting them up for success or failure


 Only $12.99

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              Coming Soon!

 How to Create A Positive Family Environment                         You will be given 20 key strategies to obtain a positive family environment.                      


  •   How to teach your children to honor you and respect others

  •   How to stop sibling rivalry

  •   How to raise a child not to whine and complain

  •   How to prevent unwanted situations in any environment

  •   How to prepare them for the future 





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