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            Nancy Lira Founder of Zion Brain Training

Results oriented, compassionate, and kind are the words that come to mind when describing the
amazing outcomes parents have witnessed while their children work with Nancy. Emotional health must be present to achieve academic success.  Nancy views the whole child as she works to have each child be successful at school, at play and at home!
I strongly recommend Nancy Lira as a dedicated professional.


Rhonda Farber, PhD
Retired Superintendent  

Campbell Union HS District




I would like to recommend Nancy Lira as a wonderful individual instructor for children.  Nancy is extremely passionate about helping children with all different kinds of difficulties.  Her wonderful personality and dedication reveal her constant motivation to help a child grow to their fullest potential.


Silvana S. Casale  Ph.D. ABSNP

Nancy Lira's personalized training and nutritional treatment methods have produced remarkable results in patients with a number of Neurobehavioral disorders previously unresponsive to conventional medicinal and Neurofeedback therapy. These include ADD/ADHD, various learning disabilities, auditory and visual processing disorders, delayed speech and language development, Autism spectrum, impulse control and socialization disorders. I recommend Nancy and her work without reservation.


Lancelot O.Alexander, M.D., Neurologist,

   Associate Clinical Professor, U.C.L.A   Department of Neurology 

Nancy is an incredibly talented and caring educator who treats the whole person. She not only build students' skills, but she also builds their self esteem, which can be so shaky for our students with learning challenges.  Nancy teaches from the heart and is passionate about making a difference in students' lives by equipping them with the tools they need to be successful, lifelong learners.


  Jennifer Huntley

 Speech-Language Pathologist

Professional Recommendations:

6472 Camden Ave. Ste 201
San Jose, CA 95120

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