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 Nancy Lira,

Processing and Cognitive Enhancement Specialist,

Founder of Zion Brain Training Center

Nancy Lira is a Processing and Cognitive Enhancement Specialist.  The Founder and operator of Zion Brain Training Center in Los Gatos, California, Founder and President of Help a Student Succeed Foundation, the former Vice Chair for the Special Education Community Advisory Committee in Santa Clara County. 


Nancy holds training seminars to assist parents in creating a positive environment in the home and at school - a vital component in helping children succeed.


Nancy has a God - given passion to help students succeed in school and in their everyday lives. She has a license in Processing and Cognitive Enhancement, and has helped students increase their attention, retention and processing skills so they learn easier, faster and more efficiently. 


Through her coaching skills she has helped students renew their mindset, increase their confidence, have better attitudes, become more responsible at home and at school. As a result of this powerful combination, parents and students say they are happier, have higher test scores, improved grades, less anxiety and more free time. Nancy enjoys watching her student’s lives transform before her very eyes.


Nancy personally knows and understands the challenges and frustration that parents and children feel when a child is struggling in school.  

As a mother of five, with two children who were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, Nancy’s quest to help her own children succeed grew into a passion to help other families in the same way.  She knows that every child wants to succeed. For this reason she is here today helping one child at a time.  Her mission is to help as many families as she possibly can while she is here on earth. 


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