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The Early Warning Signs Of A

Learning Deficiency

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A child with learning deficiencies, A.D.D.or A.D.H.D. often show several related signs that vary from person to person. Identifying and addressing a learning issue early on allows the child an opportunity to be successful.

Student’s may have one or more of the following warning signs:



  •   Difficulty with reading and/or writing

  •   Struggles with comprehension

  •   Slow learner

  •   Problems with math skills

  •   Difficulty remembering

  •   Has a Hard time staying focused and on task  

  •   Trouble following directions

  •   Inconsistent school performance

  •   Difficulty with written instruction

  •   Poor spelling

  •   Low self esteem

  •   Easily distracted

  •   Slow work

  •   Low test scores

If you notice a child demonstrating the early warning signs of a learning or attention issue and you would like to have them assessed.  Please call today and schedule an appointment. 

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