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What Major Factors Affect Learning?


There are several factors that affect learning and contribute to neurological disorders such as ADD/ADHD and Autism.  


Some of the main factors include but are not limited to weak cognitive skills, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and poor nutrition. Brain health is very important when dealing with attention issues, ADD/ADHD and Autism. Poor nutrition and a lack of vitamins and minerals will affect ones ability to focus, have mental clarity and learn properly. Also affected is hyperactivity levels, restful sleep, moods, eye contact and more.

How Does Eating Affect the Brain?


Eating unhealthy processed and fast food is like feeding your brain toxic chemicals.  Not only is your brain affected but your whole body is too.  At Zion Brain Training Center we believe that it is imperative to know what ingredients are detrimental to a developing brain.  For this reason we hand out A detailed list of what ingredients one should avoid, after each assessment.  We would like you to know that even in small doses, processed food and pesticides are detrimental to a developing brain.  What we eat on a daily basis will affect our cells and when something affects our cells, it affects our whole body too.  

How is Memory and Learning Affected?


Memory and learning are also affected because what we eat affects our brain cells.  The cell to cell communication that occurs in our bodies forms the basis for learning.  The reason is that within our brain there are billions of cells called neurons. These neuorns communicate from cell to cell and transmit messages throughout the brain and to our whole body.  It is important to note that the membrane around the neuron cell needs to be soft so that the neurotransmitters can send messages to and from the brain.  When we eat foods that are high in fat and cholesterol, the membrane around the neuron hardens and the messages are not sent properly to the brain.  New information that is learned may not be allowed to transmit to the brain for storage because it cannot penetrate the stiff membrane wall around the neuron and as a result of this, learning and recalling information can be a challenge. 

How To Obtain Healthy Neurons?


Healthy neurons require water, protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals in order to perform properly and communicate from cell to cell.  Be sure to drink plenty of water as our brain is made up of 80% water. Eat healthy organic protein rich foods, eat healthy fats such as those in avacados, nuts, coconut oil, fish oil.  Take high quality liquid supplements such as the ones we offer at Zion Brain Training Center to give your cells, brain and body superior nutrition for optimal performance.

Unfortunately, pills and gummy vitamins are only 5-20% absorbed by the body.  However, liquid and powder supplements are 98% absorbed by the body.  In conclusion, the quality of supplements will affect performance results.   


*Our supplements have been key in helping to reduce ADD/ADHD symptoms    

  and more.

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