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                                    Zion's Success Principles

                                           Training Course


 These are the benefits we have seen in our clients after training:

  • Honoring their parents and elders

  • Less arguing and complaining

  • Less Anxiety

  • Become more diligent

  • Begin to show initiative

  • Become more responsible

  • Begin to do things in excellence

  • Patience

  • Integrity


We believe that every child needs to be equipped with these important                            success principles to prepare them for life. 


We offer a 5 week training course, 1 hour a week for $299 In a small group when available or $440 for a one-on-one course. We teach and discuss these vital principles and how they apply to the student's lives now and in the future. Each week the student's are required to put into practice what they have learned. Student's will receive a personal success list on completion of the course.  Here at Zion we give students a solid foundation on which to build their lives. 


                                                           To sign up for our next course

                                                                  Call (408)356-8907

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