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Success With Positive Affirmations

The definition of an affirmation according to is: a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.

I use positive affirmations daily on myself, with my children, husband, friends and clients. Speaking words of encouragement to ourselves and others will pave the way to success. Personally, one of the affirmations I use on a daily basis is my favorite bible verse; Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. This helps me significantly when things in my life seem to become difficult.

I repeat it over and over again until I believe it, then, I am able to accomplish the task at hand. When I do this I am renewing my mind, rewiring my brain to focus on the positive and ignore the negative thoughts that say, “ I can’t do this, or it’s too hard.”

I recommend that parents teach their children to do this, to rewire their brains and speak positively to themselves and to others. For example, depending on the situation they can say to themselves, “ I can do this, I will succeed, I have a great memory, I am smart, etc.” When necessary do not be embarrassed to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you can do it. After all, the voice that we listen to the most is our own. What we speak into existence will affect our thoughts, decisions and outcomes. Our bodies are created in such a way that the neurons in our brain react to the words we speak, affecting our thoughts and emotions. According to Dr. Caroline Leaf Ph.D; when the frontal lobe (also called the prefrontal cortex of the brain) moves into high gear, it understands and observes our own thoughts about ourselves and make decisions about those thoughts. We can choose to meditate on the positive or the negative. When we choose to be diligent and meditate on the positive things as well as speak out positive affirmations we will make our way successful.

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